[pHash-support] more jni reworkings

Evan Klinger eklinger at phash.org
Fri May 14 17:25:12 PDT 2010


Thank you again for all of your time and effort into cleaning up the
pHash java bindings. We plan to incorporate your changes into the next


2010/5/14 Alexander Kjäll - alaTest <alex at alatest.com>:
> Hi
> I created an ant file that creates a jar file, which makes it a bit easier
> to include the code in another project. It's included (build.xml) and should
> be placed in bindings/java/
> It also contains a target to build the header files for jni, as that's a bit
> easier with ant than doing it just from the command line.
> I took the patch written by Christoph Zauner and worked a bit more on it.
> What i have done is mostly setting correct access levels on classes and
> functions, if you don't specify public, protected or private it defaults to
> package-local, and that makes it hard to use as a support library.
> I also added some setters/getters and a new constructor for the Hash class.
> This is because my usecase is that i want to be able to store the hashes to
> some sort of data storage, and then recreate them from that one.
> I have also encountered an error with libjpeg (that cimg uses) It seems like
> something along the chain doesn't set up the error callback function
> properly, so when libjpeg gets broken input it does an exit(1). This is
> pretty worthless, so i'll try to see if it can be resolved. Or maybe someone
> else have encountered the same problem?
> best regards
> Alexander Kjäll
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> Developer
> alex at alatest.com
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