[pHash-support] more jni reworkings

Alexander Kjäll - alaTest alex at alatest.com
Fri May 14 06:56:00 PDT 2010


I created an ant file that creates a jar file, which makes it a bit 
easier to include the code in another project. It's included (build.xml) 
and should be placed in bindings/java/

It also contains a target to build the header files for jni, as that's a 
bit easier with ant than doing it just from the command line.

I took the patch written by Christoph Zauner and worked a bit more on 
it. What i have done is mostly setting correct access levels on classes 
and functions, if you don't specify public, protected or private it 
defaults to package-local, and that makes it hard to use as a support 

I also added some setters/getters and a new constructor for the Hash 
class. This is because my usecase is that i want to be able to store the 
hashes to some sort of data storage, and then recreate them from that one.

I have also encountered an error with libjpeg (that cimg uses) It seems 
like something along the chain doesn't set up the error callback 
function properly, so when libjpeg gets broken input it does an exit(1). 
This is pretty worthless, so i'll try to see if it can be resolved. Or 
maybe someone else have encountered the same problem?

best regards
Alexander Kjäll

alex at alatest.com
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