[pHash-support] SWIG/Python bindings for pHash 0.9.3

Loïc Jaquemet loic.jaquemet at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 14:05:48 PST 2010


The python bindings are now in a good shape.
git it here :

or have a look there :

They are basically SWIG bindings with the least possible amount of
python specific code in it.
I've added a python example for most of the C examples, but I really
only tested it thoroughly on an Image dataset.

I made a python class for MVP tree handling, and a small example of
use in this other project :
It creates an ugly pygraphiz graph showing pictures and relation between them
screenshot here :

I will not patch the SWIG bindings with this python class. A nice C++
class should be better, as it would enable SWIG to produce
identical/similar bindings in all supported languages.

By the way , i used this dataset :
# Data set from http://code.google.com/p/p-surf/ /
It's from a somewhat related project for image analysis

Have fun.

Reminder :
My pHash 0.9.3 tree has been patched to have Large File Support
build-in, otherwise Python won't have it.
patch is in the largefile branch of phash.git

Loïc Jaquemet

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