[pHash-support] SWIG/Python bindings for pHash 0.9.3

Loic Jaquemet loic.jaquemet at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 22:05:29 PST 2010


I released a beta version of SWIG glue for Python bindings.
( Working in Prod env since 12 months approx...)
MVP has not been tested, but it will work in a couple of days...

You can find the latest revision here:
Forked from upstream...

To have a working Python binding is to have Large File support
builded-in. off_t is 64 bits in python.
The largefile branch is only applying a LFS patch ( and cleaning) on 0.9.3

Master branch has now merge the largefile patch and the swig bindings.

If the phash team could consider applying the large file support patch
or adding it another way, that will open the road for a python

On a side note, SWIG support a lot of language (perl, hava, ruby, lua,
tcl, c#...)

It should be easier to add other language bindings using SWIG...

have a nice day.

Loïc Jaquemet

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