[pHash-support] Initial Testing

David C d140frv at hotmail.co.uk
Sat Jan 30 01:49:52 PST 2010


These are the results of the initial testing from my developer:

 I uploaded different types of codec, trimmed & resize version of 1 video on 
the server. Upon testing, found out that video hash is not accurate yet. Its 
working fine if the 2 video compared have same length/duration and resolution. 
Buf if the video is resize, crop or trimmed, the phash get 0 in similarity :(  
which is not good and the process is too long coz its process frame by frame. 
Video hash method doesn't accept flv files also. I've used to test the existing 
test_video on the source file coz all functions for video hash testing are 
their. So I conclude that it's not best to use the video hash method. If you've 
doubt with my testing, you may ask someone to thoroughly test the video hash. :)

I am just confirming it is the variable length DCT.


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