[pHash-support] minimum length of audio samples ?

Harald Lapp harald.lapp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 11:32:51 PDT 2012

i've noticed the same "problem", but it seems to be common with other
audio-hashing applications i've tried. maybe there's just not enough
information available from such small samples, that a reliable hash
can be generated.


2012/4/28 Robert Wörle <rwoerle at mibtec.de>:
> Is there a minimum length for audio samples to be hashed ?
> I am playing around with some drum samples i made and tryed to match
> different snare drum hits to each other.
> Of course a single snare drum stroke would be less then a second in
> duration.
> I compiled all well , as i can use the test_audio example on normal mp3. but
> as soon is i use it on my samples i get errors like
> dir: quelle/ 1
> dir: ziel/ 1
> intra distances
> ***************
> file1: quelle//snare1-double.wav
> file2: ziel//snare2-double.wav
> unable to calc distance
> pause - hit any key
> inter dists
> ***********
> file1: quelle//snare1-double.wav
> I am really keen to use phash for a nice software i am planning but it would
> be crucial to be able to compare very small length of audio samples ..
> 500ms or even less !!
> Regards Robert
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