[pHash-support] how to store ulong64 ph_dct_imagehash() hash to file?

Andy Saurin andrew at saurin.com
Fri Oct 8 14:57:07 PDT 2010


I know this isn't a support forum for C-related questions, but can I ask anyway?!

I'm trying to store the hash returned from ph_dct_imagehash() which I gather is ULONG64 into a flatfile.

The reason is I'm trying to reduce time calculating the ph_hamming_distance between 1 file and many files. The hash of many files are constant whereas a single file to compare against those hashes changes.

So I would like to create a flatfile/db of the hashes of the constant library and draw on that using the query (changing) hash.

So how can I store the ULONG64 hashes of the constant library?

Hope I've explained it clearly!


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