[pHash-support] example program that trigger a seg-fault with latest version of CImg

Alexander Kjäll - alaTest alex at alatest.com
Wed May 26 01:09:30 PDT 2010


I wrote a small program that triggers the segmentation fault when trying 
to calculate the ph_mh_imagehash for an grey scale jpeg image.

the code is very simple, but you might need to alter the Makefile to get 
it to build (I'm not very good at this c++ stuff yet). I also included 
example images.

In order to trigger the segfault you need to use version 1.3.4 or later 
of CImg to build the pHash library. The version in ubuntu 10.04 is 1.3.2.

The example program can be downloaded here:


best regards
Alexander Kjäll

alex at alatest.com

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