[pHash-support] throwing exceptions from the binding code into the java glue

Evan Klinger eklinger at phash.org
Wed May 19 10:25:37 PDT 2010

Currently we disable all exceptions through a #define in the source.
So it's hardcoded. But after looking at the CImg source again the
macro may have been renamed so I need to look into that again to make
sure we are using the correct name.
What was the result of the JPEG error, did it cause the application to
crash? It may be sufficient to check the CImg instance after your load
call to be sure it was correctly loaded. I believe you can use
img.is_empty() to check for that condition. So the first step is to
determine if it was CImg that caused the crash or your application.


2010/5/19 Alexander Kjäll - alaTest <alex at alatest.com>:
> Hi
> Sounds like a good thing to disable exceptions, is this an option to the
> configure script?
> I looked at the code in the CVS version of CImg:
> if (setjmp(jerr.setjmp_buffer)) { // JPEG error
>  throw CImgIOException(_cimg_instance
>           "load_jpeg() : Error message returned by libjpeg : %s.",
>           cimg_instance,jerr.message);
> }
> (around line 30766 in CImg.h)
> And it doesn't look like the throwing of the exception is optional, but it
> was a pretty long time since I programmed c++ seriously, so I might be
> totally out on this one.
> When I have had some more time to look at how this work I try to think up a
> good structure for sending the error's into java.
> best regards
> Alexander Kjäll
> On 2010-05-17 18:04, Evan Klinger wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Currently we disable CImg exceptions during compilation since they add
>> considerable overhead. I understand the value they provide, but I'm
>> wondering if it's possible to have them disabled in CImg/pHash and
>> simply check the return code from CImg functions and throw exceptions
>> in the Java code only. For example, if the CImg jpeg load function
>> fails, the returned pointer will be NULL which can be tested and then
>> throw your IllegalImageException in Java.
>> Evan
>> 2010/5/17 Alexander Kjäll - alaTest<alex at alatest.com>:
>>> Hi again
>>> I solved my problem with libjpeg by upgrading my installation of the CImg
>>> library to the latest version.
>>> The next step is to make the exceptions that the CImg library throws
>>> visible
>>> to the java code, i wrote a small patch and a corresponding java
>>> exception
>>> class as a testcase on how it would be possible to do this.
>>> the exception class should be placed in
>>> bindings/java/org/pHash/exceptions/
>>> This is a rather incomplete patch, and I don't think it should be
>>> included
>>> right away.
>>> But I would like to get some feedback if you think this is the right
>>> direction to take the java bindings, before I spend more time on it.
>>> Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
>>> best regards
>>> Alexander Kjäll
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