[pHash-support] patch to get pHash to build on ubuntu 10.04

Alexander Kjäll - alaTest alex at alatest.com
Thu May 6 07:56:21 PDT 2010


Good point about multiple installations.

I presume that I can just add /linux/ to the path, but that might not be 
compatible with how other java versions distribute that header file. I 
think I have to investigate this a bit more in order to get a more 
general solution.

On a related note, I wrote a ant build file and improved the packaging 
of the java bindings a bit more, and also improved them a bit.

Do you have a vcs that i can do a read-only clone from, so that it will 
be a bit easier to produce the patch files?

and a minor thing, on this page on your website:
the "Design" buttons leads to an 404.

best regards
Alexander Kjäll

On 2010-05-05 21:19, Evan Klinger wrote:
> Hi Alexander,
> Thank you for the patch. I am not sure, however, if it will be
> sufficient since a system can have multiple Java SDKs installed and
> this will merely pick the first one that locate returns, which may not
> be the latest version.
> Evan
> 2010/5/5 Alexander Kjäll - alaTest<alex at alatest.com>:
>> Hi
>> I tried to build the pHash 0.9 library with java support enabled on ubuntu
>> 10.04 with the sun java 6 packages.
>> Apparently the jni_md.h header file isn't in the same directory as the jni.h
>> file, so I had to write a (ugly) patch to make it work.
>> patch attached.
>> best regards
>> Alexander Kjäll
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