[pHash-support] examples/buildmvptreedct

Eli the Bearded phash at eli.users.panix.com
Wed Dec 29 16:02:49 PST 2010

The buildmvptreedct example fails to actually save the tree, so it
can't be used to store hashes for later comparison:

$ ./buildmvptreedct testimages/all-memphis-minnie memphis-minnie.tree  dir
name: testimages/all-memphis-minnie    
nbfiles = 5
files[0]: testimages/all-memphis-minnie/losslessrotate.jpg hash = 72fa9c2c9676838a
files[1]: testimages/all-memphis-minnie/resizedup.jpg hash = ed2b8c133103cbed
files[2]: testimages/all-memphis-minnie/resizeddown.jpg hash = cd3b8c133003cfed
files[3]: testimages/all-memphis-minnie/topngandback.jpg hash = cd2b8c133183cbed
files[4]: testimages/all-memphis-minnie/orig.jpg hash = cd2b8c133183cbed
save: ret code 10
$ # no tree file created  
$ ls -l memphis-minnie.tree
ls: cannot access memphis-minnie.tree: No such file or directory
$ ./querymvptreedct testimages/blur-sharpen-mix/ memphis-minnie.tree
using db memphis-minnie.tree
using dir testimages/blur-sharpen-mix/ for query files
nb query files = 1
radius = 30.000000
knearest = 20
threshold = 15.000000
query[0]: testimages/blur-sharpen-mix/edited-memphis-minnie.jpg cd2b8c133103cfed
could not complete query, 3
ave calcs/query: nan
$ # fails because there is no tree

Five minutes examining the code and I'm not sure why the tree fails to
save. I'm interested in this feature the most: saving hashes for later
comparison, but c++ ain't my strong point. Any help?


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