[Phash-support] phash and osx

Harald Lapp harald.lapp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 06:48:23 PDT 2009


i'm trying to compile phash on mac osx, however: without success. i've
build ffmpeg from the available svn snapshot, i've doublechecked, that
ffmpeg compiles libswscale, however phash's ./configure keeps telling

*** Configuring video Hash ***

checking whether FFmpeg is present... checking for avcodec_alloc_frame
in -lavcodec... yes
checking for av_read_frame in -lavformat... yes
checking for sws_getContext in -lswscale... no
configure: error:

*** libswscale not found.

however there is a libswscale.a available in /usr/local/lib/ ...

any help would be very appreciated!



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